The Arizona Burlesque Festival is offering classes with burlesque stars from around the country on Saturday October 13th! Join us for a day of fun, learning, and meeting new people. All levels are welcome!

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order antabuse 10:00am Make Art and Money with Patreon –  Lili VonSchtupp (50min) – $20

For two years I’ve used Patreon to fund my art. I have received $3k and reinvested in my carreer. And I do it, just by being me. Patreon can be used as a small/large income generating stream to help make you money in your overall Career. In this class we talk about strategies to make the art you are already doing fund the art you will be dooing in turn making you more money. Marketing, products, and your overall brand will be improved. Don’t sign up before the class. You are launching a business, and this will help develop that plan. If you currently have a Patreon page, I’ll help you work it better.
Pencil and paper required, or a digital equivalent. No movement, wear something that makes you happy! 11:00am Master That Ceremony (aka The Emcee Primer) with Blanche DeBris (50min) – $20

If you’re interested in emcee’ing, have been emceeing and want additional perspective, or just want a peek inside Blanche’s head, this class is for you! Blanche will share with you the emcee essentials, and give you the tools you need to “plus” your emcee game. Explore ways to enrich your Burlesque Character/Persona and connect to the audience; Feel confident and relaxed with a microphone in your hand; Be a cheerleader and ambassador for the burlesque community, all while keeping the show going and the audience engaged.

12:00pm Act Like You Mean It (aka “What’s Your Story?) with Blanche DeBris (50min) – $20

A 101 of “acting for burlesque,” this workshop uses acting and theatre game techniques to brighten your shine! With Blanche as your guide and cheerleader, enrich the connection to your acts and your burlesque persona, with a focus on character development and creation. Through “script analysis” of your burlesque acts, you’ll also discover how to connect the dots in your performances, sharpen your existing high moments and discover new ones, and figure out who your “scene partner” really is! Please bring a pen/pencil and notebook/tablet for writing exercises and dress comfortably for movement.

1:00pm I want to be a producer! The Business of Burlesque with Lili VonSchtupp (50min) – $20

Somebody has to pay for this shit and get it done, right?. Learn effective ways to manage your event, promote your event, and assign responsibilities to make sure show night runs smoothly and cost effectively. We cover venue selection and negotiation, ticket sales, promotion, stage management, assets management, payments and contracts, sponsors, lighting, sound, all the way to post show breakdown. Make your life easier, Lili will show how with over 600 events under her belt, she has the tips and tricks.

2:00pm The Art of Rhinestoning with Frankie Ficticious (50min) – $20

Become the sparkliest showgirl you can be! Frankie Fictitious is known for her dazzling extravagant costumes. She will show you her personal tips, tricks and techniques on how to jazz up those costumes and make them stage ready.

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